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CBD Co-Packer is a supplier, manufacturer, and product development services firm that has been creating unique formulations since 2014. We’re your one stop shop, specializing in Hemp & CBD infused products. Our hands on experience and expertise in approach will help you to go quickly from a concept to the market.

We are a supplier of the highest quality and purest organic Hemp and CBD in the industry. We set the standard for product quality in this exploding sector. Since 2014 CBD Co Packer has been at the forefront of formulating, developing, and producing liquid-based CBD & Hemp infused hot and cold fill products ranging from food and beverage to sanitizers, and all kinds of other assorted ideas limited only by your imagination.

As a manufacturer we offer a broad spectrum of services consisting of everything from product and packaging development, to flavor and supplement selection, to cost-effective co-packing through our highly qualified and experienced in-house experts. We offer a wide range of products and formulations, ranging from premium beverage products, to lotions, liquid soaps, shampoos, creams, ointments, rubs, oils, edibles and much more. We’ve got you covered from A to Z.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the incredible and patent pending water treatment technology, used as the base solution for most liquid products. Alkame’s water utilizes a patent pending electrolysis system to break the hydrogen bond. This nano-technology and micro-clustered structure in water enables an efficient and superior delivery system to the whole body and improved bio-availability.

We continually strive to provide our clients with The Ultimate in Health & Wellness Products.


Since 2014 CBD Co Packer has been at the forefront of formulating, developing and producing liquid-based CBD & Hemp infused hot and cold fill food and beverage products limited only by your imagination.


We are an FDA registered facility, and we are certified Organic through Oregon Tilth. We are audited for health compliance by AIB, and we exceed in all standards for current good manufacturing practices (AKA: cGMP).


Our proprietary & Patent Pending Water Treatment Technology allows us to increase pH & Oxygen content, electrolytes, and antioxidants, providing a one of a kind base with improved bioavailability to your products.


We specialize in taking conceptual ideas into finished products in a truly short amount of time, from packaging configurations to completed formulas, to clearing all the legal and compliance, we are you’re a to Z one stop shop.