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We are a one stop shop for all aspects of bringing your Hemp and CBD products to life. If you have a product that has been in the markets for years and want to focus and a west coast distribution model, or are simply looking to commercialize mom’s secret recipe, the CBD CoPackers are here to provide quality products to consumers globally.

Whether we are matching an existing product or creating a new one, we run down a standardized process that our clients appreciate that features tight quality controls, and traceability from start to finish.

Our in-house formulators and lab work allow us to replicate that secret recipe or ensure that your existing products maintain that same level of quality your customers have grown to love.

We offer a broad array of packaging options that are as diverse as the products we produce for our clients. With multiple filling and labeling systems available, we can pack in almost any bottle or jar, and enable our customers to make an impact on the shelf for health-conscious consumers.

We also assist in sourcing and procurement of that perfect package and unmistakable ingredients that will set your product above all others. We typically see products packaged on one of two ways. Some products are cold filled and usually built to be more costs effective. The other is typically hot packed or pasteurized for products that are produced to yield a higher price point and bank on the quality of their products.

By offering both hot and cold fill capabilities, we provide a diverse opportunity to our clients to cater their manufacturing to the target markets and audiences they intend on pursuing.

With a product that is ready with its formulas and packaging, we are able to provide an essential step often overlooked by many building products for the first time. Even seasoned veterans overlook some important quality control, legal, and regulatiry compliance steps during their products preparation for launch. From correct nutritional data, dosing analysis, microbial, shelf life, and much more, every product that is produced in our facility is tested for quality, efficacy, and regulatory compliance with the strictest of standards. We make sure that everything we produce is safe for consumption. As a top producer of USDA Certified Organic Products, we take great pride in both our products and our clients.

The better your product does, the more we get to produce together. We truly have a vested interest in our client’s success.

Ask us how we can help you expand into this rapidly growing sector!

A Partial List of Products


Bottled Waters




Drink Mixes



Flavored Waters

Functional Waters

Protein Beverages


Liquid Sachet Packs


Hand Sanitizers

Glass Bottles


PET Bottles

Barbecue Sauces

Pan Asian Sauces

Finishing Sauces

Healthy Beverages

Coming Soon - Powder Stick Packs

Functional Beverages (Sleep, Hydration, Vitamin, Hangover, Immunity, Detox, Energy Drinks, Sports, Vitality, Relaxation, Etc.)