Hemp & CBD Supplier

We are a supplier of the highest quality and purest organic USA grown Hemp & CBD in the industry. Our proprietary processing and scientific techniques have been created and developed by Cannabis Cup award winning industry pioneers. We set the standard for product quality. Today, our Hemp and CBD has evolved into some of the most esteemed product in the world, and produced with an end-to-end system that ensures purity, potency and quality with all the lab analytics to back it up.

If you aren’t familiar with CBD, here are some of the basic facts. CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 100 active compounds in marijuana and non-psychoactive, which means it does not affect brain function or awareness. With Cannabidiol, you won’t feel the “high” feeling that comes with consuming THC. This enables consumers to really reap the rewards of the amazing health properties and benefits CBD provides. Cannabidiol is primarily used for its medical benefits amongst people with severe injuries and medical disorders. Some key benefits from using CBD dominant strains include: reducing blood pressure, relieving pain, reducing anxiety and inflammation, reducing nausea, helping with appetite and much more!

With a high level of integrity and imagination, the CBD Co-Packer is committed to being a global leader in the development and supply of top shelf USA grown Hemp & CBD products, designed to meet the wide range of needs from consumers to large scale manufacturers, while providing the unmatched support and customer service. Consistent feedback and regular communication with industry experts ensures that CBD Co-Packer is offering predictability and quality, pushing the envelope of what is possible.