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Since 2014 CBD Co Packer has been at the forefront of formulating, developing and producing liquid-based CBD & Hemp infused hot and cold fill food and beverage products limited only by your imagination.


We are an FDA registered facility, and we are certified Organic through Oregon Tilth. We are audited for health compliance by AIB, and we exceed in all standards for current good manufacturing practices (AKA: cGMP).


Our proprietary & Patent Pending Water Treatment Technology allows us to increase pH & Oxygen content, electrolytes, and antioxidants, providing a one of a kind base with improved bioavailability to your products.


We specialize in taking conceptual ideas into finished products in a truly short amount of time, from packaging configurations to completed formulas, to clearing all the legal and compliance, we are you’re a to Z one stop shop.

Our History

CBD & HEMP Specialists

We started trying to understand how to work with Hemp all the way back in 2014, long before the farm bill was even passed. At the time there were very few companies that were producing Hemp isolates in a format that would integrate or infuse into liquids, especially water. In fact, most isolates looked like tar and tasted terrible. Today there is a wide array of hemp products ranging from isolates to broad and full spectrum extracts that work wonderfully. As the science of these ingredients has advanced, so have we, and are proud of reaching major milestones as a leading producer and manufacturer of hemp infused products. We were one of the first to get products through an FDA registration, and another first with getting USDA Organic Certifications for products produced at our facilities. Whether you are looking for cost sensitive production, or have a high-end Organic game changer, the CBD Copackers are here to help you make an impact in today’s ever expanding hemp-based products market.


Liquid Based Food & Beverage Products

Our specialty is to infuse CBD into fluid based food & beverage products, and limited only by your imagination.
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Our Special Technology

The core of our business revolves around legal & compliance. Between HEMP CBD State Regulation, and food processing compliance to FDA standards, we are always focused on maintaining compliance, a top priority.

Our proprietary micro-clustered technology increases bioavailability, and our equipment allows us the opportunity to infuse nearly any liquid-based product with CBD without any separation, taste, discoloration, or clarity issues.

Our packaging options are as diverse as the products we produce. With multiple filling systems available, we can pack almost any bottle, jar or sachet, enabling our customers to make an impact on the shelf.

What really sets us apart is our sophistication that revolves around both hot and cold fill manufacturing capabilities. Our ability to bring new products to market that are shelf-life stable and safe for consumption is the best in the industry.

Every product in our facility is tested for quality, efficacy, and regulatory compliance with the strictest of standards. Between shelf life, infusion dosing levels, and more, we make sure everything we produce is top quality.

We assist our client’s business by providing advice on a broad range of subjects. We truly have a vested interest in our clients since the better your product does, the more we get to make. Your success is our success.

Services We Offer

Packaging development

Product Formulation

Product Matching

Compliance & Certifications

Sourcing & Procurement

Nutritional Labeling